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Volumetric Video Capturing & Streaming

With this technology, you can move freely, explore every angle, and truly feel like you are a part of the live action unfolding before your eyes.

Much more Than VR: Volumetric Video provides a truly three-dimensional viewing experience with the 6 Degrees of Freedom. In contrast, VR only offers 3 Degrees of Freedom, limiting the depth and interactivity.

Spaceport, a spinoff of Ant Media, aims to provide the best volumetric video watching experience using today’s and future technologies.

The Spaceport is getting closer to launch, and we are including demos on our journey to reach the full Volumetric Video experience in our demo list.

Where to Use Volumetric Video

Concerts & Theaters 

Imagine that you watch your favorite star or theater performance as if you were standing right on the same stage, by 6 Degrees of Freedom.


Your team has a match tonight and you can even walk in the court virtually while you’re physically at your home. But also sports like Box, Billiards and Yoga.

Shows & Films

Watch TV Shows & Films in truely immersive experience. In addition, film directors can have infinite rendering options of the same scene by virtual camera.

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