Successfully Completed Seed Round, an early stage Volumetric Video Streaming startup, has announced a seed fund from Techmine.  Spaceport is a spin-off created by Ant Media Server founders, a leading video streaming service, aims to provide 6 Degrees of Freedom to the audience that presents an option at any viewpoint or angle from the scene. 

Volumetric video is an emerging key technology for immersive representation of 3D spaces and objects. Already been granted the Seal of Excellence Award in deep tech by the European Union, Spaceport builds up its competence on this new innovative technology where giant-tech companies like Meta, Google and Canon are also taking part. 

Recently, Spaceport has a seed fund by Techmine that focuses on Deep Tech startups. Techmine has investments in Fintech, Healthtech, Digital Transformation, Fintech, E-commerce, Gaming / Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence.

Volumetric video is the revolutionary innovation and future of video recording. The volumetric video allows the audience to focus on the content and therefore the message by reflecting the unique visual and emotional reality of the filmed actors to the audience. In the coming future, Volumetric video enables users to consume content in new ways, from viewing sports in holographic form, experiencing photorealistic virtual performances, engaging more immersive forms of social media and e-commerce.

About Spaceport 

Spaceport developing Volumetric Video Streaming technology that gives (6Dof) freedom to view a scene from any viewpoint or any angle. With volumetric video technology ,6 Degree of Freedom real world, people and objects can be viewed from any angle at any moment in time. 

About Techmine

TECHMINE GSYO invests in deep tech startups within creative minds that can develop innovative ideas, have the capacity to think strategically, and make life easier with technology. Startups that can break new ground and create value with capital support are on our radar.