Spaceport: Volumetric Video Capture

Today We are delighted to announce a major new release Spaceport New Release. This release represents the culmination of just over one year of work since we first launched Spaceport Volumetric Capture.

Inspired by great feedback from our community, our focus for this version was clear. We wanted to deliver changes that put our volumetric capture system front and center.

If you haven’t heard about Spaceport-Volumetric Video before, you can read the previous entries:

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New in 0.4: User Interface For Publishing Mechanism

The main goal for this release was to make Spaceport easier to use. Now it`s possible to control all publishers with a web panel.

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone NPM packages
enter image description here
Spaceport 0.4

Enter your IP configurations in cfg.json

Start the client with PM2

cd spaceport-web-panel/client

 pm2 start client.js

enter image description here

4. Save the running applications to the list

pm2 save

5.Generate a startup script and configure PM2 to start on server boot.

sudo pm2 startup -u “username”

6. Start the server and then open the web panel to control the publishers.

cd spaceport-web-panel/server

node server.js

New in 0.4: Faster Registration

As you know registration process is time-consuming for us. Now it’s possible to register 5 camera pairs within a minute.

To get started you need to:

  • Plug 6 Azure Kinect Sensor and complete the Initial Configuration Steps on each machine
  • All of the computers you will use should be on the same network
  • Print the calibration pattern “pattern.jpg” on a piece of paper (A4)

Step 1: Get and then extract the Spaceport Multi-Camera Calibration Tool

Then Choose a computer that will act as a server (this computer may also be a client at the same time),

You can press S and then capture a new frame for the new camera pairs. And after that, the tool will find the transformation matrices for you.

Spaceport New Release

New in 0.4: FPS Increase Hardcoded

If you’re interested in hardware-accelerated H264 encoding on Nvidia Jetson, we have some good news for you. Now, Spaceport allows using Jetson GPU to encode RGB frames and it provides important acceleration about processing time.


Spaceport is ready for simultaneously volumetric capture and multi-viewpoint cloud alignment with several Azure Kinect Cameras. Hope you enjoyed the blog post. Contact us to discuss cooperation opportunities and to try out the demo.